We help you build a better, brighter business with a better, brighter culture.

Every company has its own set of challenges and HR complexities.

At People Bright, we provide solutions that address your specific needs.

We work with you to develop, improve and optimize your HR structure, processes, programs and tools.

Contact us about specific projects or for a low monthly fee, retain us for our on-call HR services – get access to expert HR advice when and as you need it.


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Effective HR Strategies start with strong Mission, Vision and Values. At People Bright, we help clients develop these and we provide customized HR policies, practices, and tools that enhance their corporate culture and fulfill legal and statutory requirements.

Some HR tasks we can help you with include:


  • Recruitment Practices and Processes
  • Job Descriptions and Job Postings
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Onboarding/Orientation

Policy, Processes and Compliance

  • Human Resources Policies and Employee Handbooks
  • Compliance with other Legislative Requirements such as AODA, WSIB, Human Rights, Employment Equity, Pay Equity, Workplace Violence, and Workplace Harassment
  • Building HR Processes, Practice and Culture from your Mission, Vision and Values
  • Occupational Health and Safety and WSIB
  • Cannabis in the Workplace
  • Workplace Harassment and Violence Investigations
  • Privacy Policies
  • Tracking and Reporting

Employee Engagement

  • Workplace Culture
  • REVUP™ approach to building Strong Workplace
  • Compensation
  • Group Benefits
  • Workplace Wellness

Performance Management, Staff and Leadership Development

  • Employee Performance Management
  • Staff and Leadership Training and Development
  • Discipline and Terminations
  • Career Pathways
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Succession Planning

HR Analytics and HR  Management Systems

  • Surveys – satisfaction, new programs assessments
  • HR Metrics – sick time, turnover, employee grow
  • HR Management Systems assessment

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The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate isn’t always easy; it can be costly and time-consuming. Our team provides high-touch, boutique style services to find top-notch candidates who are great at what they do and happy in their roles. We specialize in Executive Search Recruiting and can help you find highly motivated and capable leaders for the roles you need.

Our areas of specialty include

  • Medical Cannabis
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Clinical Research
  • Medical Devices
  • Healthcare Sales & Marketing
  • Operational
  • Finance
  • Technology/Software

* We also provide other searches upon request.

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Our workshops and training sessions are led by People Bright’s President and Chief People Officer, Hilda Gan and are customizable to each business. They are highly interactive and include activities such as role-playing, case studies, gaming, etc.

People Bright has developed, a proprietary tool REVUP™which was instrumental in creating a business that placed in the“Best Workplaces in Canada®, top 10″, twice. This tool,  REVUP™is available to clients to help train and develop individuals, leaders, and teams to create a strong workplace culture that is critical for the success of a business.

For our upcoming REVUP™ events, click here.

Other core training and development themes include:

  • Managing People More Effectively – REVUP Yourself, REVUP Your Team
  • Dealing with difficult issues
  • Multiple generations in the workplace
  • Effective Teambuilding – REVUP Your Team
  • Cannabis in the Workplace
  • Workplace wellness And more…

* ½ day and full day sessions are available.

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Want to see how the World Sees You – at your best?

The Fascination Advantage® assessment helps you learn about who you really are. It is based on marketing science developed by Sally Hogshead with the principle that Different Is Better.

The Fascination Advantage® is the perfect complement to other tools such as DiSC, Myers-Briggs or Strengths Finder as it reveals how the world sees you rather than showing you your own worldview.

The assessment takes only five minutes to complete, it’s easy to understand, and will produce tangible descriptive results such as “The Artisan”, “The Catalyst” or “The Secret Weapon”.

All Archetypes are ASPIRATIONAL and show what is best about each person’s communication style so they can communicate at their highest value.


Our Fascinate Certified Advisor will help you interpret the 21-page assessment report so you can use it to your advantage in:

  • Career Development

  • Building Confidence

  • Personal Branding

  • Management and leadership development

  • Coaching

  • Corporate training

  • Team Training 

Click here to learn more about the Fascination Advantage® System.

Motivate, train and inspire your audience with keynote talks from award-winning HR consultant, Hilda Gan.

Hilda is an expert on various HR-related topics and her signature talk – REVUP™ Your Leadership Style is a game changer for businesses and aspiring leaders. 

Hilda’s charismatic and interactive presentation style will connect with your attendees and leave them feeling energized and empowered to take action.

Hilda is also available to lead breakout sessions. Her insightful and  warm manner makes it easy to draw out discussions as she shares her in-depth knowledge on building businesses and human resources

For more information and to invite Hilda to speak, download Hilda’s Speaking Kit here.