LEAD with confidence. COMMUNICATE effectively.

BUILD your foundation to success.

Connect with REVUP™ to Ignite Your Business’ Potential!

Based on an award-winning approach, gain the skills you need to stop being a boss and become a REVUP leader.

Why should you attend?

You should attend if you want to:
  • Better motivate, lead and engage your team
  • Master difficult and sensitive conversations with confidence
  • Boost your People Management Skills and become a REVUP leader

Who should attend?

All aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and business owners of:
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Start-ups
  • Solopreneurs

What are the benefits of attending?

As a REVUP Leader, you will:
  • Gain the skills you need to stop being a boss and start being a REVUP leader
  • Stand out as a leader and foster your team of loyal and committed staff
  • Increase overall business success through productivity and profitability

Meet Hilda Gan

Hilda Gan is the President and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting Inc., an HR management consulting firm known for delivering customized HR solutions. Hilda is also the creator of the Connect with REVUP™ Program designed to help train, coach, and mentor executives, managers, and aspiring leaders to develop their people management skills and create respectful engaged workplaces.

Hilda is an accomplished entrepreneur and work culture expert who co-founded iTRANS Consulting, an award-winning Engineering Consulting firm that was recognized as one of the top 10 Best Workplaces in Canada® for two years in a row. Combining her 20+ years of HR expertise with business acumen and business owner experience, Hilda works with leaders of companies and organizations to build the foundations for successful hiring, positive workplace culture, and staff engagement.

What is Connect with REVUP™?

People Bright created our Connect with REVUP™ approach as YOUR key to stand out as a leader and foster your team of loyal and committed staff. “REVUP” stands for

R Respect,

E Equality,

V Valued (as in I value you),

U Uniqueness, and

P Potential.

Simple but effective values and beliefs that make a difference in motivating staff and teams. After all, it was instrumental in creating a business that was recognized in the Best Workplaces in Canada®, Top 10, twice.

4 Weeks of Interactive Leadership Training

A REVUP Leader has a simple but powerful set of values and tools that gives them the confidence to lead, inspire and motivate their teams effectively.

Week 1 – Develop Your Inner Strength

  • Introduction to Connect with REVUP™️ – an approach to better motivate, lead and engage your team and drives results
  • Learn what the 5 REVUP values are and why they are the key to success
  • Discover the Confident You – unravel your unique Fascination Advantages® and learn how you can keep teams connected and productive

Week 2 – REV Your Communications

  • Explore how to foster and maintain a respectful and equal work environment where staff feel valued
  • Discover how you communicate effectively and confidently as a REVUP leader and business owner
  • Microaggression, intergenerational workforces, anti-racism, and harassment – how to recognize, manage and address

Week 3 – UP Your Game

  • Apply your Fascination Advantages® in interactive exercises and identify your unique strengths and communication styles.
  • Discover how you can tap into your team’s greatest potential and drive success
  • Develop your way of leading your team of unique and talented individuals

Week 4 – Mastering Complex and Difficult Conversations with Confidence

  • Utilize your Fascination Advantages® to connect with others and build trusting relationships
  • Gain confidence in managing complex and difficult conversations through analyzing real-life case studies
  • Empower performance and inspire your team during changing times

See what Others are Saying about the REVUP Your People Management Skills Training:

  • "Thank you again for organizing this very successful seminar... I have taken with me lots of useful management skills to manage more effectively our team in Pickering... a great and insightful seminar."

    A. Amin Operations Manager - Cannapiece Corp
  • "Within the first 30 minutes, I realized how little I know about HR and managing people. There were so many aha moments and so many good tips I can apply immediately. Hilda's workshop was full of interactive activities and real-life case studies. It was a fantastic workshop - in fact, "funtastic", learning in a meaningful way. I highly recommend this to all managers and entrepreneurs."

    A. Ma CEO - Magenta Design
  • "I found Hilda's REVUP training outstanding. The program was excellent on the points that Hilda wanted to highlight (how people see you) and fun to take part. As an X HR manager in a big company, I have taken a lot of programs, REVUP focuses on your people skills. And for Hilda, herself, she is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work, coaching and professional development of her clients. I highly recommend Hilda for any of your HR needs."

    L. Dalton Lori Dalton, Agency for Speakers and Coaches

REVUP Your People Management Skills | 4-Week Virtual Management & Leadership Training Program

May 13, 2021 | Thursdays at 1:00-2:30PM

Connect with REVUP™: REVUP Your People Management Skills
$4,500 VALUE
4 x 90mins online interactive leadership and people management skills training sessions
2 x 45mins one-on-one coaching sessions with award-winning HR Expert Hilda Gan
Your personalized 16-page Fascination Advantage® Assessment Report to discover your Uniqueness
REVUP Your Potential Workbook© to help you build your REVUP leadership skills
Social media support group with fellow REVUP leaders and alumni
Terms and conditions apply

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