One on One Coaching

People Bright offers the One on One Coaching program that can help you REVUP Potential.

A sought-after mentor and coach, Hilda can guide and support you as you identify and develop the skills you need to scale your business or advance your career.

With Hilda’s extensive background and career in many industries including health care, engineering, IT and human resources, she can help you navigate difficulties you may have with your team and your organization.

As a Fascinate Certified Advisor and the creator of the Connect with REVUP™ approach, Hilda helps you understand and gain confidence in who you are.

With the Fascination Advantage® assessment, you will receive an exclusive 16-page report that will help you gain valuable insights into how the World sees YOU, help you discover your U Uniqueness and tap into your P Potential. The result is a more confident you, ready to own your career or your business.

Set up a FREE 30-minute strategy call to get a clear understanding of how you can improve your bottom line by having Hilda as your coach and mentor.

What’s Included in My One-on-One Coaching Program

Discover Who You Are and Where You Want to be

With the Fascination Advantage® tool, you will discover who you are, how the world sees you, and give you the confidence you need to advance your career or business.

Action Steps and Personalized Coaching for You

Helping you take action and implement the strategies you need to take to achieve success for your career, organization, or team.

REVUP Leadership and Management Training

Combine your Fascination Advantages with REVUP to gain a competitive edge as you scale your organization or advance your career.

See What Others are Saying About the One on One Coaching Program:

  • "Hilda's training has been enormously helpful for our staff. She has put in tremendous effort to get to know each of our staff as individuals and develop a tailored coaching plan to help them thrive. Hilda's kindness and empathy shine through in all of her interactions and make her coaching sessions feel like a safe place to learn and grow. We would recommend Hilda to anyone looking to create a cohesive team of motivated, fulfilled employees."

    A. Bidani Founder and CEO - STEM Minds
  • "Hilda highlighted practical advice on how to REVUP Your Career by identifying your strengths and building upon them. Hilda emphasized on discovering who you are and taught us to enjoy the process of self-discovery. With her extraordinary background of being an HR specialist, mentor, coach, and entrepreneur, she had me convinced that with the right mindset and hard work anything is possible. Thank you Hilda for inspiring us to be our better selves. Looking forward to attending your other coaching sessions."

    H. Abid Electrical Designer at J and B Engineering Inc.

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