Slide HR Savvy Bootcamp for
Small Businesses
Interactive Workshop Series
HR Fundamentals for Every Business Owner
June 8-22, 2021 | Tuesdays at 1:00PM EDT

BUILD a strong foundation. VALUE people as your greatest assets.

KEEP your top talent loyal.

Started your business – seemed manageable – but now you have staff and there is more complexity in managing people than you had expected.

With the world becoming increasingly transparent and people-focused, business owners have to change the way they manage their HR and business structure.

It is no surprise that this year many companies are focusing on Human Resources as their main strategic goal. With remote work being a long-term work reality now and many other businesses having reports of toxic work cultures and high mental stress, small business leaders need to ensure they have a strong understanding of the HR fundamentals to stay afloat in the ever-changing era.

As a small business owner – and most often – the only person handling HR in the company, how knowledgeable or experienced are you about managing your staff?

How do you know what you need to know?

What are the essential steps you as a business leader should take to lay out a strong HR foundation?

Learn what you want to know, need to know and why you need to find and keep staff to help you succeed in this intensive 3 session bootcamp.

3 Weeks of HR Training for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Learn from an HR expert and award-winning Work Culture specialist the essential HR fundamentals you need to create a place where people enjoy what they do and enjoy where they work.

Week 1 – Build a Strong Foundation

Learn the key fundamentals and requirements to establishing a positive workplace.


  • Mission Vision Values
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Week 2 – People are Your Greatest Assets

Gain the basic knowledge on processes and systems that will make your workplace a place they want to join and stay. 


  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Retention

Week 3 – Keeping Your Top Talent Loyal

Learn what the first steps are to building a team of ambassadors that are as committed to the company as you are. 


  • Performance Empowerment
  • Compensation
  • Training and Development

Based on People Bright’s HR CheckUP Tool©

HR at your fingertips

The People Bright HR CheckUP Tool© is a quick self-assessment HR tool to identify where your company’s HR practices and activities are currently functioning. This will assist you in identifying components in your HR structure that need to be addressed. The goal is to assist you in developing the best version of your company, and build a strong foundation for optimum recruitment and employee engagement.

What you’ll learn:

  • How strong your current HR foundation is
  • Some items to look out for when restructuring your retention strategy
  • How YOU can develop the best version of your company, starting with your people


HR Savvy Bootcamp for Small Business Owners

3-Week virtual training program for small business owners who want to learn the HR fundamentals to create a workplace where staff love what they do and enjoy where they work.

June 8-22, 2021 | Tuesdays at 1:00PM EDT


  • “When we searched for a professional to help take our course to the next level, we were fortunate to find Hilda Gan, who is engaging, energetic and resonated with our group. Topics that are often glossed over had a fresh and unique perspective, providing value to our contractor members and their employees participating in our program. I’ve run many training courses and she is among the best I’ve worked with.”

    M. Gallardo, Executive Director Merit OpenShop Contractors Association of Ontario
  • “Her presentation provided a practical approach to implementation for HR professionals, business owners, and anyone with this responsibility in the workplace, through use of the corresponding worksheet, and the insightful questions that Hilda asked throughout the presentation…. Her knowledge of both the legal aspect and the business perspective in terms of challenges companies may face to comply clearly differentiated this presentation from the rest.”

    K. N. Ennis, MBA, CHRP, CHRL Client focused HR Professional, Business Partner and Consultant specializing in HR/OD Solutions, Facilitation & Coaching
  • "Hilda's training has been enormously helpful for our staff. She has put in tremendous effort to get to know each of our staff as individuals and develop a tailored coaching plan to help them thrive. Hilda's kindness and empathy shine through in all of her interactions and make her coaching sessions feel like a safe place to learn and grow. We would recommend Hilda to anyone looking to create a cohesive team of motivated, fulfilled employees."

    A. Bidani Founder and CEO - STEM Minds
  • "Hilda highlighted practical advice on how to REVUP Your Career by identifying your strengths and building upon them. Hilda emphasized on discovering who you are and taught us to enjoy the process of self-discovery. With her extraordinary background of being an HR specialist, mentor, coach, and entrepreneur, she had me convinced that with the right mindset and hard work anything is possible. Thank you Hilda for inspiring us to be our better selves. Looking forward to attending your other coaching sessions."

    H. Abid Electrical Designer at J and B Engineering Inc.
  • "It was an absolute pleasure working with Hilda Gan. She and her team provided an AODA - Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for Casey House. She quickly established and held my confidence throughout the entire process, and I couldn’t be happier with the final product!"

    A. Puopolo Director of Human Resources, Casey House

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3 X 75 minutes sessions every Tuesday
Slides full of information and useful tips and strategies
HR CheckUP Tool©
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$500 VALUE
Option 1 plus $25 for the Recording for ALL 3 Sessions
3 X 75 minutes sessions every Tuesday
Slides full of information and useful tips and strategies
HR CheckUP Tool©
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Subject to applicable taxes
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Meet Hilda Gan

Hilda Gan is the President and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting Inc., an HR management consulting firm known for delivering customized HR solutions. Hilda is also the creator of the Connect with REVUP™ Program designed to help train, coach, and mentor executives, managers, and aspiring leaders to develop their people management skills and create respectful engaged workplaces.

Hilda is an accomplished entrepreneur and work culture expert who co-founded iTRANS Consulting, an award-winning Engineering Consulting firm that was recognized as one of the top 10 Best Workplaces in Canada® for two years in a row. Combining her 20+ years of HR expertise with business acumen and business owner experience, Hilda works with leaders of companies and organizations to build the foundations for successful hiring, positive workplace culture, and staff engagement.

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