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HR Consulting

Businesses who recognize that PEOPLE are their greatest assets know that building a strong HR foundation will help them hire the right people, build a positive work culture and retain their top talent. At People Bright, we help you develop this.

We provide customized HR Solutions that balance the risks and requirements by law with enhancing employee engagement. From the time you decide you need a new employee through the recruitment, onboarding and retention of staff, we help you develop a rewarding work environment that keeps the business goals in mind.

Our partnership starts by listening to YOUR needs and YOUR vision for YOUR work culture.

We then help you create customized HR solutions to align with your business’ mission, vision and values.

Our Strategic HR Solutions

Policies & Procedures

A Policy and Procedure Manual should reflect the company’s values and practices, but it should also be compliant with the regulations and standards set by the area of employment.

Too often, organizations, particularly smaller businesses, either do not reflect the requirements by law, or have a law-abiding “free template” as their P&P manual.

At People Bright, we help you create a Policy and Procedure Manual that reflects YOU, your organization’s culture, practices and values, while staying current with the rules and regulations. 

We can help you with:

  • HR Policies and Procedures and Employee Handbooks
  • Compliance with Legislative Requirements such as AODA, WSIB, Human Rights, Employment Equity, Pay Equity, Workplace Violence, and Workplace Harassment
  • Building HR Processes, Practice and Culture from your Mission, Vision and Values
  • Occupational Health and Safety and WSIB
  • Cannabis in the Workplace
  • Workplace Harassment and Violence Investigations
  • Tracking and Reporting

At People Bright, recruitment isn’t just “can you hire us a good employee?”. It’s also about developing predictable and effective recruiting processes that will successfully hire top talent for job-organizational fit, but also reflects your mission, vision, and values.

We can help you develop the procedures and the customized tools for your company to use for hiring. This will include:

  • Recruitment tools, practices and processes
  • Job Descriptions and Job Postings
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Onboarding/Orientation
  • Using the Fascination Advantage® system to find the right candidates
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is one of the most challenging but rewarding aspects of Human Resources, as it is the opportunity to help organizations thrive with a positive work culture.

When employees are not engaged, a host of problems arise: tardiness, high turnover, performance issues, and more. But when employees ARE engaged, not only are they satisfied and content with their job, they are also committed to the organization, and are willing to put discretionary effort into building success for the company.

The People Bright team loves to work with clients who see People as their greatest assets. 

With Hilda’s extensive experience and successes in fostering positive and engaged Workplace Culture, along with our Connect with REVUP™ approach, the People Bright team can help you improve your employee engagement and build strong work environments.

We specialize in:

  • Customize-able leadership and management training: see more on our Connect with REVUP™ website
  • Strategic HR Planning for Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement
  • Group Benefits
  • Workplace Wellness Consultation
  • Career Paths and Succession Planning
  • Coaching and Mentoring
Performance Management

2020 is a new decade, but 2020 is also the start of a new era where for the first time ever, all four generations are working together as one workforce. As a leader and manager, how can you manage performance and discipline?

Given the differences in perspectives and experiences of each generation, there is no right or wrong answer to performance management anymore. One method of rewarding performance may be perceived as a punishment if administered to the wrong crowd.

At People Bright, we help you understand what the current and best practices are and work with you to determine a Performance Management System that will work for you and your diverse workforce. We can assist you in: 

  • Optimizing and Improving Performance
  • Create or revise Tools and Systems for Performance Management and Development
  • Career Paths Development and Progression
  • Succession Planning and Management
  • Discipline and Termination Consultation
HR Management Systems

To manage your HR functions effectively, you need a HR Management Systems regardless of your size. This will save time, improve accuracy and quality of data, and maximize potential of your company’s HR functions.

People Bright can assist you in finding the right HR Management System solutions in a systematic way that will reflect your needs and allow you to scale efficiently and effectively.

We can also assist you in identifying and interpreting the HR metrics to make continuous improvements to your systems, your ability to recruit, engage and retain your best talent. Let us help you with: 

  • Surveys – satisfaction, new programs assessments
  • HR Metrics – sick time, turnover, employee growth
  • HR Management Systems assessment

Ready to get a clear understanding of how you can improve your bottom line and engage your staff through smarter HR tactics?

HR On-Call Advisory Services™

Are you a company that has developed your HR policies, procedures and practices but needs someone with expert advice to make sure your HR reflects the current regulations and compliance? Or do you just want advice from time-to-time on difficult HR concerns?

With our knowledge and expert HR guidance and strategies, the People Bright team will give you peace of mind. We will assist you in clarifying and solving complex HR situations and concerns quickly that minimize risk while keeping employees engaged.

Whether you are a business owner or have an HR Professional who only has a few years of experience, use People Bright’s HR On-Call Advisory Services™ and have expert HR advice at your fingertips. Get your answers FAST and cost-effectively.

Get the advice you need, when and if you need it. Packages start as low as 2 hours/month or inquire about our flat annual fee.

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