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Upcoming Events and Training Sessions

REBOOT: How to be a Leader and not a Boss

Connect with REVUP™ Interactive Workshop


1:00PM EDT | Thursday April 22, 2021

S2-EP03 | Focusing on Employee Experience: Why it is Critical NOW

Talent Talks for Small Businesses (TTSB) Webinar Series


1:00PM EDT | Wednesday May 12, 2021

REVUP Your People Management Skills

4 Week Online Management and Leadership Training Course


1:00PM EDT | May 13, 2021

HR Savvy Bootcamp for Small Businesses

3 Week Online Training Program to Learn HR Fundamentals


1:00PM EDT | Tuesday June 8, 2021

Speaking Engagements

Motivate, train and inspire your audience with keynote talks from award-winning HR consultant, Hilda Gan.

Hilda’s signature talk on the Connect with REVUP™️ approach is a game-changer for businesses and aspiring leaders. Learn from an award-winning HR specialist about how to create engaging work cultures, boost team synergies, and REVUP staff.

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