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We believe that PEOPLE are the greatest assets of a business.

Most Managers have the technical and business skills to manage; few learn and develop the People skills to lead, inspire and motivate. Imagine what one individual can do if they are developed to their potential.

Top 3 Reasons People Leave their Organization*:
  • Lack of meaningful work
  • Bad bosses
  • Toxic working environment

Now imagine a TEAM, your TEAM of these talented individuals, working together, thriving under your leadership. Imagine the potential for success to the individuals, the TEAM, yourself and the Company. Connect with REVUP™ Training can help you achieve the skills you need to be that effective Manager.

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Connect with REVUP™ Training

Manager | Emerging Leaders | Team | Entrepreneurs

With the Connect with REVUP™ approach, we offer a practical and interactive training program designed to help YOU become the powerhouse leader who can build high-performance teams and retain top talent.

For customized corporate training, please contact us.

Fascination Advantage®

Want to See How the World Sees YOU – at Your Best?

The Fascination Advantage® assessment gives you insight into how the world sees you. It is based on marketing science developed by Sally Hogshead with the principle that Different Is Better.

One on One Coaching

Career | Managers | Executive | Entrepreneurs

A sought after mentor and coach, Hilda provides guidance, support and inspiration to those who want to REVUP their potential.

As a Fascinate Certified Advisor and the creator of the Connect with REVUP™ approach, Hilda can help you understand and gain confidence in who you are. With the Fascinate Advantage® assessment, Hilda can help you gain valuable insights into how the World sees YOU, discover your U Uniqueness and tap into your P Potential.

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Speaking Engagements

Motivate, train and inspire your audience with keynote talks from award-winning HR consultant, Hilda Gan.

Hilda’s signature talk on the Connect with REVUP™️ approach is a game-changer for businesses and aspiring leaders. Learn from an award-winning HR specialist about how to create engaging work cultures, boost team synergies, and REVUP staff.

*Based on Jan Tagze’s 10 Year Study with 8,509 Participants, 2015
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