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Hilda Gan  RN, MHSc, CHRL

President and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting

Imagine work as a place that you call your second home. Imagine work as a place where you can grow personally and professionally, and where you are surrounded by people you enjoy being around. It can happen and it did happen. As a co-founder of a top 10 of the Best Workplace in Canada®, twice, my mission is to help create better workplaces where employees can thrive and achieve success.

With my own success co-founding iTRANS Consulting, I wanted to help other workplaces create that special environment in their organizations. That led to establishing People Bright Consulting, a unique HR Management Consulting firm aiming to help small to medium size businesses develop strong HR foundations, and build powerful and positive corporate cultures that will help organizations achieve success.

Particularly, I am very proud of our Connect with REVUP™ leadership training approach. “REVUP” stands for R Respect, E Equality, V Valued (as in I value you), U Uniqueness, and P Potential.

These values address the top 3 reasons people leave organizations – bad bosses, lack of challenging and meaningful work, and poor work culture. Imagine the work environment if your management team embraces these 5 values as their corporate culture foundations. Imagine the impact on employee engagement and retention if the manager respected you, treated you with equality, valued your contributions to the organization, looked at your uniqueness and tapped into your potential.

I created People Bright Consulting and the Connect with REVUP™ leadership training series to make a difference in the lives of people and organizations. I believe managers, executives, and business owners hold the key to addressing the 3 key reasons people leave their job. The management team has the power and influence to change the work culture. Whether you are a business owner, executive, manager or even an aspiring leader, imagine what you can achieve if you REVUP yourself, your team, and your organization. With the Connect with REVUP™ approach, build a better team, one that not only survives, but becomes the organization’s foundation for success.

Hilda is a Proud Recipient of

Finalist (iTRANS)



Mission, Vision, and Values


To provide services and products in a personalized way that is unique to each client, enabling their people and their business to optimize their potential


To REVUP Potential globally, by helping people to recognize and optimize their relationships by treating themselves and others with Respect and Equality, making them feel Valued, identifying their Uniqueness and tapping into their Potential.


Our values are simple. We REVUP Potential in our staff, our clients and our colleagues. We believe that if you adopt the Connect with REVUP™ approach as your core values, you will make a difference in your life and the lives of those that you Connect with REVUP™, whether they are your clients, your coworkers, or your family and friends. We encourage people to adopt the Connect with REVUP™ approach.

Social Responsibility

At People Bright, we believe we are part of a greater community, and that means contributing and giving back to the community and giving back to society. As a company that cares about people, volunteering is part of our team’s DNA. Each of us at People Bright offers our time, expertise or financial support to causes we care about.

The People Bright Team

  • Hilda Gan, RN, MHSc, CHRL
    Hilda Gan, RN, MHSc, CHRL

    President and CPO of People Bright Consulting, and Creator of the Connect with REVUP™ program, Hilda is a passionate HR expert and enthusiast with over 25 years of experience in the HR, Engineering, and Healthcare industry.

  • Pari Nejatie, BSc.
    Pari Nejatie, BSc.

    Pari is a full-service Executive Recruiter helping companies scale up to be resilient with a focus on talent acquisition solutions for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organizations.

  • Jenny Ho, BA
    Jenny Ho, BA

    Human Resouces Consultant of People Bright Consulting, Jenny assists in the development of HR policies, procedures and processes for our clients as well as any business coordination and support as People Bright continues to grow and develop.

Clients & Testimonials

  • “When we searched for a professional to help take our course to the next level, we were fortunate to find Hilda Gan, who is engaging, energetic and resonated with our group. Topics that are often glossed over had a fresh and unique perspective, providing value to our contractor members and their employees participating in our program. I’ve run many training courses and she is among the best I’ve worked with.”

    M. Gallardo, Executive Director Merit OpenShop Contractors Association of Ontario
  • “Her presentation provided a practical approach to implementation for HR professionals, business owners, and anyone with this responsibility in the workplace, through use of the corresponding worksheet, and the insightful questions that Hilda asked throughout the presentation…. Her knowledge of both the legal aspect and the business perspective in terms of challenges companies may face to comply clearly differentiated this presentation from the rest.”

    K. N. Ennis, MBA, CHRP, CHRL Client focused HR Professional, Business Partner and Consultant specializing in HR/OD Solutions, Facilitation & Coaching
  • "Hilda's training has been enormously helpful for our staff. She has put in tremendous effort to get to know each of our staff as individuals and develop a tailored coaching plan to help them thrive. Hilda's kindness and empathy shine through in all of her interactions and make her coaching sessions feel like a safe place to learn and grow. We would recommend Hilda to anyone looking to create a cohesive team of motivated, fulfilled employees."

    A. Bidani Founder and CEO - STEM Minds
  • "Hilda highlighted practical advice on how to REVUP Your Career by identifying your strengths and building upon them. Hilda emphasized on discovering who you are and taught us to enjoy the process of self-discovery. With her extraordinary background of being an HR specialist, mentor, coach, and entrepreneur, she had me convinced that with the right mindset and hard work anything is possible. Thank you Hilda for inspiring us to be our better selves. Looking forward to attending your other coaching sessions."

    H. Abid Electrical Designer at J and B Engineering Inc.
  • "It was an absolute pleasure working with Hilda Gan. She and her team provided an AODA - Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for Casey House. She quickly established and held my confidence throughout the entire process, and I couldn’t be happier with the final product!"

    A. Puopolo Director of Human Resources, Casey House


Fascination Advantage®

Discover How the World Sees You®
Fascination Advantage®, a system to help individuals identify their strengths and build confidence, supplements the Connect with REVUP™ approach to help people develop skills and tools to be effective leaders and managers.

HR Primed

A Complete HR Team At Your Fingertips
HRprimed features an extensive library of expert HR e-learning modules.  Our modules are interactive, to enhance the user experience and have been developed by an expert in the topic. Whether you wish to view one module, or have unlimited access to all our expert modules, HRprimed provides the on-line training the way YOU want it!

BNG Connectors

Connecting People
BNG Connectors is a leading management consulting firm providing workplace culture development, executive recruitment search, executive, manager and staff training, and professional education that caters to clients across health care, pharmaceutical, cannabis and the food industry.
Whether it is helping you get the most from your employees, becoming an #influentialleader, or creating an effective workplace culture with #toptalent firmly in place – Laleh, Pari, and Hilda will listen to your needs and provide customized pragmatic and business-minded solutions and training for those needs.

International Cannabis Solutions

Health Care and Cannabinoid Solutions
International Cannabis Solutions, based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canad, has a global reach with an expert team with over 150 years of cumulative experience in healthcare, education, pain management, addiction medicine, pharmacology, and more specifically, cannabis and cannabinoid knowledge.
We Are uniquely positioned to address the Federag Government’s Cannabis Task Force recommendations and needs analysis findings to provide evidence based knowledge and consultancy for all levels of government within Canada and globally.

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